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    Advice for Getting Better Real-Time Info for Bandwidth


      Hello All


      First off, thank you to everyone in the Thwack community for helping me out. This community has made my job a helluva lot easier.


      Okay, real talk. My peers have complained that the Top XX Conversations is not accurate and that the top conversation has already passed and not causing congestion by the time the alert comes in (90%+ tx/rx for 30 min).


      One of the major causes of traffic would be backups for us from our international or cross-continental servers and that's what the Top XX Conversation would point to. However, when I drill into the top converstaion it said that the conversation peaked 15 min prior but it still shows it as the top conversation.


      Am I reading the Netflow data wrong or am I needing another approach such as shorter polling methods or better threshold settings.


      Any input would be appreciated.