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    Polling issue on network devices


      we are using solarwind since 2011 and now I am facing polling issue on network devices. I was trying to resolve polling issue from different forum but now success.:



      Operating System-------------------Windows server 2008 R2


                      SQL server----------------------------SQL 2012


                      NPM version-------------------------10.1.3




      For further detail please find the below graphs:














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          From the graphs, it looks like you may be seeing missed polls. This is generally down to connectivity issues between the poller and the device in question, or possibly a problem with polling capacity on your system.


          Could you share with us the current output of your polling engine capacity? This is done by going in to Settings, and then selecting Polling Engines from the Details section.

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                Well, straight off the bat, there appears to be something amiss with the connection between your web console and your database. The last database update should be in seconds, not minutes.


                First thing to try would be to check the health of your Orion database, and confirm you are not experiencing disk space problems with the volume that hosts the database. After that, make sure you have a good backup of your database before carrying out the next step:


                1. Run the Configuration Wizard.

                2. Repair the database, which will confirm connectivity between the web console and the database user credentials used.


                Once complete, give your system a while to settle down and look at the polling details again. Hopefully you should be seeing the last datababase update time down in the seconds, rather than the 13 days you have now!