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    System time change causing temporary unresponsive system


      Hello all,

          Thank you for the response in advance.  I have tried to find the answer online, but my google-fu is apparently weak today.  I had a windows 2008 r2 box (virtual - not sure if this matters) have a system time change today and became non responsive in Orion for about a minute.  My thought is, the time change happened for whatever reason, took a minute for the change to take effect and when orion communicated (WMI), it didn't respond (or timeout) because it was in the midst of this change.  Does that sound plausible?

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          It looks like the cause of the time change was due to it correcting "time drift" which is defined below, could this happening cause the system to be unresponsive to orion?:


          Certain CPU-intensive applications (trading applications in particular) will cause "clock drift" on Windows systems. Severe enough clock drift will cause Windows to re-sync with the system's hardware clock (also know as RTC, or Real Time Clock). This can cause Windows to change the clock to UTC or GMT in virtualized environments.

          "Clock Drift" in this context is defined as the clock going out of sync. This is caused by Windows using SNTP (Simplified Network Time Protocol) rather than a full NTP service; as well as Windows having a too-infrequent clock update cycle by default.