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    Where do I edit the "DefaultEmailTo" parameter?


      I can't for the life of me figure out where this setting is.


      I'm running SolarWinds Orion 7.4 with the NCM module.  During initial setup I put in my email address for testing and now when a network node goes down or has other problems - I am the only one that gets the alert.  Where do I change this parameter?


      I have seen several threads that pertain to NPM settings, but those don't pertain to me - I don't see the "Initial Alert Settings" page. 

      I have seen several threads that say to "open the Orion Web Console" form the start menu - well I do that and it's the same page I normally go to and there's no setting there.

      I have seen several (albeit older) posts about running an SQL query to change this setting.  There's go to be an easier way.