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    Noob to SDK


      Hello all!


      So what I need is a way to pull availability status for last 12 months every 30 days for systems with "Enterprise Servers" in the custom properties department field, into an Excel spreadsheet and create a pretty graph for the executives. Oh, and this has to go to SharePoint. I was hoping I could pull straight from Excel, but it looks like I cannot?

      Anyway, I am hoping someone could give me a jump start with how to get this going.


      Thanks so much!!


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          If I understand correctly, I think a query like this should get you started:


          SELECT DATETRUNC('month',rt.DateTime) AS d, n.Caption, AVG(rt.Availability) AS Avail

          FROM Orion.ResponseTime rt

          INNER JOIN Orion.Nodes n ON rt.NodeID=n.NodeID

          WHERE n.CustomProperties.Department = 'Enterprise Servers'

          GROUP BY n.Caption, DATETRUNC('month',rt.DateTime)

          ORDER BY d, n.Caption


          In PowerShell, you can fetch this data using "Get-SwisData $swis $query | Export-Csv -Path myreport.csv". You can then load this into Excel for formatting and charting.