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    Solarwinds not able to retrieve UCS information with UCS Central configured


      We are attempting to monitor our UCS Domain using Solarwinds. We were able to create the node with SNMP and UCS credentials, connect to the UCS Master, and add the fiber switches as nodes. However, the blades were not clickable to add them as nodes and adding the Managment IP address as a node manually would not populate the UCS table.




      What appears to be happening is Solarwinds is expecting the management pool IP address information to come through the UCS Master API. However, when UCS Central is used to manage the IP pool, the UCS Master does not report the IP's in the same manner. Solarwinds is unable to determine the actual pool information, nor is it able to connect to UCS Central to collect the information from there. This would appear to require an update from Solarwinds in order to correctly intergrate with a UCS Domain if UCS Central is part of the configuration.


      This can be a very problematic for sites that have multiple UCS servers configured and wish to use UCS Central in order to manage their site.