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    Monitoring Managed PRI




      I have a little bit of an issue trying to determine how to monitor the status of a managed PRI. The physical PRI comes into our facility and is connected to a service provider managed Adtran router. Then the Adtran PRI is connected to our Cisco router PRI serial card. I'm able to monitor the serial port on my router and collect PRI stats all day long...but when the PRI drops, the Adtran actually sees the drop, not my router.


      How can I monitor the Adtran connection without having access to it? There are no IPs (just an HDLC/ISDN serial connection), so ICMP and IPSLA are not an option. The Adtran isn't mine, so SNMP is not an option. The SP is supposed to notify us when there is an outage, but that doesn't always happen, so I'm forced to look at a "trust, but verify" monitoring method for this.


      Ideas? Or am I stuck, I'll just have to live with it?