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    Eval License Key for New RDBMS


      We are quite disappointed and borderline angry on this issue.


      After my experience today with Solarwinds, you do not want to use me as a referral.  With the money we have spent on the Database Performance Analyzer for the Oracle and SQL Server products, one would think that requesting a temporary, evaluation license key for SAP (Sybase) ASE would have been relatively painless and simple.  I have been attempting to retrieve said temporary, evaluation license key for SAP (Sybase) ASE for most of the day, and still, to no avail.


      I opened a support case and it was closed – something to do with category 1 and category 2 – something I have never heard about before.  The customer support passed me off to someone in sales, who then passed me off to someone else.  I have re-opened the support case (the second time, now) and asked for the case to be escalated to the next tier of support.


      Again, all that was requested: a temporary, evaluation license key for SAP (Sybase) ASE.


      Could anyone provide me with names and phones numbers of higher management people within Solarwinds who may be more in-tune with concerns of their customers.  Also, who are their closer competitors in the database performance monitoring field?  I will contact them next.

      Would they not want to expand the support base, rather than tear it down?  If anyone has any ideas, please let me know.