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    Feedback and Questions on Lesson 4


      OK, first thanks for making this free course available.


      I must admit that I have not read all the previous sections too carefully, but in my defense have worked in the telecommunications industry for nearly 30 years designing hardware for it, so much of the terminology is familiar to some degree.


      First off, my biggest 'concern' with the presentation of this material is that it tends to raise more questions than it answers. I could probably fill as many pages with questions are were used for Lesson 4. Thank you for the xref to other documents - all 300 odd pages worth! I would expect that I am not the only one intimidated by this magnitude of background information required for this rather short course segment. IF the 300 pages of background info were 'stand-alone', they might be marginally acceptable - BUT- I expect they too likely xref other documents or require background knowledge themselves... I am sure the authors of this course have heard of hypertext links... Perhaps they could use a few within the course lessons to xref simple -self contained- explanations of the terms and concepts mentioned there-in.


      Yes I know I am asking a lot from a 'free' course, but given how long the internet has been around I am still shocked to see how little we have utilized one of the most basic features of the internet to make learning easier.


      As a final note, might I suggest that a video be created for this lesson that shows how the process of measuring network delay is actually done on a real world network?

      I am sure it is far more complex to perform these measurements then is implied by these lessons.


      Just my two cents worth.


      P.S. Given the feedback and questions on Lesson 3 discussion seemed to be ignored by whom ever is responsible for monitoring these comments, I -suspect- my providing this feedback was a gross waste of my time.


      Jeff Paul

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          Leon Adato

          These are some great, and very thoughtful, responses. I'm going to pass your formatting questions up to the folks who manage the content. And honestly, thanks for pointing out the comments on lesson 3. I'm not sure how that one got past me, but I'll circle back with itsbrent and address those as well.


          Finally, I'm going to re-review the course content to see about your thoughts on real-world networks. Stay tuned.