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    UnDP tables


      I have performed an SNMP walk on a Barracuda load balancer and there are a number of OIDs that return information I would like to display on the Node Details screen for the Load Balancer, I have no problem setting up a UnDP to display System Load % as this is an Integer and can be displayed in chart form showing historical information however some of the information is in String form and although the UnDP can retrieve the information I can't seem to enable the Table option when creating the UnDP to allow a table to be used on the Node Details screen.

      If you try and select the Get Table option when you come to try and retrieve the data you get OID not supported, when you select just the GET option it displays the information but you can't then select the Table option for the web interface, a sample of the data on the SNMP Walk is displayed below.

      Is there any other way to get this information on the Node Details screen apart from setting up a UnDP assuming there is no way around this Table issue.


      . = STRING: "Lync2010-HTTPS-4443=354 - Lync2010-HTTP-8080=0 - Lync2010-HTTPS-443=0 - Lync2010-HTTP-80=0 - Exch2010-HTTPS=2834 - Exch2010-HTTP=105 - Sharepoint-Sandbox=0 - Sharepoint-Services=0 - Sharepoint-Sharepoint=0 - Sharepoint-Filestore=0 - Sharepoint-Teams=165612 - Sharepoint-MySites=2163 - Sharepoint-CentralAdmin=0 - dominoapps1=0 - domino-intranet=0 - dominoapps2=0 - dominoapps3=0 - "


      Any ideas?