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    Create a Child Ticket from a Ticket


      Is there a way to create a Child Ticket from an existing ticket without resorting to creating a Task or Action Rule?


      There are times when a Ticket is submitted, and I would like 2 techs to be involved. I would like to generate a Child Ticket on the fly (so to speak).


      Currently, I am CC'ing the 2nd Tech, and they can add notes using email. But I would like to keep our Techs within WHD, and allow them each to have their own Ticket to add notes and mark as resolved or closed.


      I am hoping I can create a Child Ticket while viewing a Ticket in WHD. What I do NOT want is the requirement to create 2 separate tickets, then combining them into a Parent/Child relationship (like the Help says to do wtih Problem Tickets). That seems far too time consuming.