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    Planning to configure additional poller in primary and failover environment.


      Hi Team,

      I am currently running Solarwinds NPM\NCM\NTA\SAM\IVM on one console and only one poller is polling all the devices. I am planning to add one additional poller for which I had already availed required licenses. All these modules are currently installed on one machine and displaying data on single web console running on same machine.

      I am planning to

      • Poll all my network devices (NPM\NCM\NTA) from Primary poller where currently all modules are installed.
      • Additional poller should poll SAM\IVM devices.
      * Let me know if i have to reinstall both SAM\IVM along with additional poller setup on server for Additional polling machine.

      Along with this I am also planning to install Solarwinds Failover along with an additional poller for Failover also. Kindly guide to how to proceed for this planning