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    “Repeat offenders” Top XX Nodes by...


      Hi all,


      Would like some assistance in writing a report please – that uses the built in Top 10 lists.


      I would like to have a report that shows which devices keep making their way into this Memory and CPU view.


      I also think this would be a nice default report to be included – perhaps as a feature request?


      Thank you

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          I have managed to get something together which is proving very useful to me in my environment.


          I dubbed it repeat offenders as I have a need to know which machines are continually hitting high on memory and CPU usage, as this helps me identify which machines are under continuous load - the report identifies how many times a machine exceeds a threshold set on CPU and Memory, and reports on the amount of counts (Hits).


          SELECT C.NodeID, N.IP_Address, N.Caption, N.SysName, N.MachineType, COUNT(1) AS [Hits], COUNT(1) * 10 AS [MinutesOnLoad],

          MIN(C.DateTime) AS [FirstHit], MAX(C.DateTime) AS [LastHit]

          FROM dbo.CPULoad_Detail_20160331 AS C WITH (NOLOCK)

          INNER JOIN dbo.Nodes AS N WITH (NOLOCK)

          ON C.NodeID = N.NodeID

          WHERE C.AvgLoad >= 80

          GROUP BY C.NodeID, N.IP_Address, N.Caption, N.SysName, N.MachineType

          HAVING COUNT(1) > 2

          ORDER BY COUNT(1) DESC


          Remember to change the date - FROM dbo.CPULoad_Detail_20160331 AS C WITH (NOLOCK)

          Also if you would like to change this to report on Memory - change: WHERE AvgPercentMemoryUsed >= 80 And you can change the threshold in my case, I am using 80% on both Memory and CPU.


          Perhaps this will be useful for some of you, and I think this would be nice to have built in.

          Thanks Craig