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    Moved primary database


      Hello all,


         So i moved my primary database and migrated it to a new cluster instance and everything in Solarwinds is working fine with the exception of the patch manager


      When i try to run reports or access the web console i get the following error


      Source: EminentWare.UI.Controls

      Exception occurred at 12/1/2015 9:28:17 PM: Please create a master key in the database or open the master key in the session before performing this operation.

      DataPortal_Execute method call failed

      DataPortal.Update failed

      DataPortal.Update failed


      Now i know that means my key is missing however the new install should've spun up a new key and i don't want to alter it in the chance it could break something.



      Any other ideas besides running through the Patch Manager config wiz i dunno if that will fix it or not and i don't want that to break something else as well?