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    IPAM DHCP Integration


      Dear All,


      I am installing IPAM as a stand alone application. I need to do foolowing activities:


      a) Can we add DHCP Server to the IPAM without having NPM Modules

      b) Need to integrate DHCP : I am using a Windows Service Account to login to the Server. Do this User need to be a member of DHCP Administrator? Or can i mention a separate user inside the SolarWinds Application who is a DHCP Administrator for adding the DHCP Server.

      c) Is there is a problem in accessing a DHCP Server which is added to the IPAM when we logged in to the SolarWinds Server as a normal User?

      c) Can i exclude a specific subnet from a supernet from scanning the Network?

      d) We have deivces which are not responding to ICMP or SNMP. Is it possible for us to monitor the IP Addresses of such devices

      e) What is the use of configuring SNMP in Router when i am installing IPAM only.


      Looking forward to hearing from you soon.


      Kind Regards,


      Geo John

        • Re: IPAM DHCP Integration

          some answers below but I would like also like to know the answer for (c) around the subnet scanning


          a) I believe yes the admin guide says it can be installed as a standalone product

          c) I am interested to find out more about this well

          d) I dont believe so, i've disabled ICMP scanning and it gets next to no information from the router other than the reserved IP Address for the interfaces (I've also got no DHCP server enabled)

          e) SNMP discovers the subnets using the routing table from the routers instead of manually having to import.