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    Mass Creating Problem Types


      We are adding a new workflow into our Web Help Desk environment. Since we cannot activate custom fields via other custom fields, we are adding certain fields into Problem Types. It will end up looking something like this:


      Parent Type

           -- Request theme

                --- Brand 1

                     ---- Detail Type A

                     ---- Detail Type B

                     ---- Detail Type C

                --- Brand 2

                     ---- Detail Type A

                     ---- Detail Type B

                     ---- Detail Type C


      By the way, there will be around 20 brands currently.


      My question is, since the Detail Types are the same, I would like to complete one brand, add the other brands as the Request type, and then clone each of the Detail Types. Has anyone accomplished this without manually creating each tier over and over again? I have no problem injecting as SQL, but I've not found a way due to key constraints to this point.


      Any ideas, or am I stuck creating hundreds of Problem Types manually?



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          I'm not aware of any supported way to create Request Types in this way; i think it will be a manual process.


          Depending on it if works for you, it might be easier to use a Custom Field for Brand that is "required" to answer, e.g.
          Parent Type

          -- Request Type

                -- Detail Type A

                -- Detail Type B

                -- Detail Type C


          but then have a custom field (drop-down) for Brand with options (Brand A, Brand B, Brand C)