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    Bulk add SNMPv3 nodes in NetFlow analyzer


      I have about 150 Cisco routers.


      I plan to push out the same SNMPv3 config (authentication and encryption) to all the routers with the same credentials.


      I added one router to the NetFlow analyzer manually with my SNMPv3 config and it works great. Now how can I iterate through a list of IPs of all 49 routers and script/automate adding them with the following settings (which will be the same for each router):


      SNMP Version: SNMPv3

      SNMPv3 Username: mysnmpv3user

      SNMPv3 Authentication: SHA1, Password <my password>

      SNMPv3 Privacy / Encryption: AES256, Password <my password>


      Collect Statistics Every: 7 minutes

      Poll for Topology Data Every: 5 minutes


      Does Solar Winds have a script-able API I can access to accomplish this?