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    On which platform do you run WHD?


      Our WHD installation started out on a Mac server under someone's desk long ago. It was then moved over to Windows so it could run on a platform that could live in the data center. At the time, Windows was the only choice since the Mac install had been set up with FrontBase as the database and FrontBase also existed on Windows (but not Linux).


      Eventually, an upgrade in place on the Windows box moved over to Postgres and that is where our WHD install lives today.


      My preference would be to move WHD to Linux, because that is our standard server platform for web applications, however, now that WHD is a SolarWinds product, some people here have reservations running it on Linux because SolarWinds seems to be a mostly Windows focused company.


      Looking at the architecture (tomcat and postgres) Linux seems pretty reasonable to me. Short of a complete re-write of the software, I don't see it becoming a Windows only application any time soon.


      Does anyone have any thoughts on this? What platforms do most of you run it on?