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    Changing a priority when a request type is changed.


      Our default priority within tickets options is set to medium.  location default priority is set to none.


      If i create a ticket using the client form it allocates  my tickets to the correct prority.

      If i change the request type through the tech form it does not change the priority to match the request type.


      If i create a ticket using the tech form i change my mind as to which request type it will use   it is a bit hit and miss as to which priority it will pick up.


      I have seached the knowledge base and found that there was an issue reported if a priority is not in position 1-4 it will not change.

      I have therefore changed my request type priority to reflect this and it still doesn't work.


      can anyone help.


      thanks in advance


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          I actually contacted support about this and was told that this is working as designed. Apparently, in some previous version of the software, it would update the Priority when the Request Type was updated, but users didn't like that, so they changed the behavior. I suggested a checkbox option that would toggle the functionality as I, too, would like for the Priority to update when the Request Type is changed. I haven't heard anything from anyone as to whether or not it's planned for a future release.