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    What Credentials is IVIM/VMAN using? A SQL query


      I'm trying to clean up my vCenter credentials after an installation of Virtualization Manager.  We opted to re-do the credentials while we were beta testing the product and, as a consequence, ended up with duplicate credentials.  There isn't a place where you can go and check to see what credentials are being used to poll which vCenter in the UI, but the data is lurking in the DB.  After a little exploration this morning, I came up with this simple query.


      Hopefully it helps someone else too!



      Credential.Name AS 'Credential Name',

      Credential.Description AS 'Credential Description',

      Creds.Value as 'UserName',

      VIM_vCenters.Name AS 'vCenter Name',



        FROM [SolarWindsOrion].[dbo].[VIM_VCenters] WITH (NOLOCK)

        JOIN [SolarWindsOrion].[dbo].[Credential] WITH (NOLOCK) ON VIM_VCenters.CredentialID = Credential.ID

        JOIN (SELECT Name, CredentialID, Value FROM CredentialProperty WITH (NOLOCK)

        WHERE Encrypted = 0 AND Name = 'UserName')

        AS Creds ON Creds.CredentialID = Credential.ID