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    did not receive expected response to command: show configuration command - (tag telecard)


      I am using generic router.


      here is the dubug


      set traffic-policy rate-control RATE-10Mbps bandwidth '10mbps'[27][m[13][10][13][27][K[27][?1l[27]>Myrouter@TB-B1-FW1:~$ (All output is correct till here, problem starts from the next line)
      <W-1:08:38 PM>
      <R-1:08:38 PM> (I think here it just have to exit and save)

      WFMDRetVal=1 Waiting for: ":" (problem starts here) why waiting when all the configuration is already displayed above
      WFMDRetVal=2 Waiting for: "% Invalid input detected at"
      WFMDRetVal=3 Waiting for: "% Incomplete command"
      WFMDRetVal=4 Waiting for: "(y/n)"
      WFMDRetVal=18 Waiting for: "TB-B1-FW1:~$"
      WFMDRetVal=19 Waiting for: "TB-B1-FW1:~$"
      WFMDBuffer=" " (WHY ??????)
      <W-1:09:03 PM>[13]
      <R-1:09:03 PM>[13][10]Myrouter@TB-B1-FW1:~$
      <W-1:09:03 PM>[13]
      <R-1:09:03 PM>[13][10]Myrouter@TB-B1-FW1:~$
      <W-1:09:03 PM>exit[13]
      <D 1:09:03 PM>
      <PROMPT VTY="TB-B1-FW1:~$">
      <PROMPT ENABLE="TB-B1-FW1:~$">
      <PROMPT CONFIG="">




      I believe the problem starts when it starts to wait (WFMDRetVal=1 Waiting for: ":")


      it does not have to wait but it should end/exit and save the configuration as all the configuration is already displayed above


      why is it searching for " " ---- WFMDBuffer=" "