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    Asset Report on Installed OS


      I would like to run an Asset Report showing the number of Installed OS at each building.


      Need to know how many computers in each of our schools is running OS X 10.10.1 / 10.10.2 / 10.10.3 / 10.10.4 / 10.10.5


      But I don't see anywhere to select the OS installed on the computers.

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          Unless you are gathering that information from another source (Casper, Apple Remote Desktop, some other program with a database) and then importing it in, WHD does not have any function to discover that information for you.   There is, however, the ability to create an Asset Custom Field and apply that custom field to one or more Asset Types.  The custom field could be a text box, or you could populate the choices for it into a radio button or drop-down field.   You could then populate that information for your various assets in those Asset Types.

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              We are using Jamf Casper and have OS Version mapped to the field Version in WHD / Assets.


              I would like to do a Report though (Report button), and in Reports, there is no place to select Version in a Bar Category, or Pie Category. There are some 'strange' choices (ie Discovery Connection), but I would really like to see "Version" as a choice. I could then get a PIE graph with a breakdown of the number of computers with each OS Version installed. Would be very helpful for us. Would make for a very nice looking summary of each building and installed OS versions.


              Attempting to do the same in the Assets button (table) is not efficient nor useful for a quick summary. We have around 15,000 devices, and looking through a table to summarize how many devices have which OS at each building is pointless. I can export the data, and graph it in Excel or FileMaker, but to do that everyday is also a daunting task.