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    Netflow Nexus 7k showing up with inaccurate utilization!


      Hi Thwack,


      Has anyone experienced an issue within NTA, where the flow is representing at a much lower value because we are only capturing 1-100 of a sample. As per our Network Guru, we are not able to do 1-1 sampling as the CPU will be over taxed. We are currently only sampling Layer 3 traffic before adding additional Vlans I would like to knw if their is way to possibly change the value in NTA to represent the actual utilization or config changes I can make? For example we show  6.0kbps but this is actually 600Mbs of traffic.


      Flow exporter NetFlow-Orion:

          Destination: (orion poller..)

          VRF: management (1)

          Destination UDP Port 2055

          Source Interface mgmt0 (mgmt ip)

          Export Version 9

              Data template timeout 60 seconds

          Exporter Statistics

              Number of Flow Records Exported 121193

              Number of Templates Exported 921

              Number of Export Packets Sent 6645

              Number of Export Bytes Sent 6491100

              Number of Destination Unreachable Events 0

              Number of No Buffer Events 0

              Number of Packets Dropped (No Route to Host) 0

              Number of Packets Dropped (other) 0

              Number of Packets Dropped (LC to RP Error) 0

              Number of Packets Dropped (Output Drops) 0

              Time statistics were last cleared: Fri Nov 27 16:45:39 2015


      Flow record netflow-original:

          Description: Traditional IPv4 input NetFlow with origin ASs

          No. of users: 1

          Template ID: 256


              match ipv4 source address

              match ipv4 destination address

              match ip protocol

              match ip tos

              match transport source-port

              match transport destination-port

              match interface input

              match interface output

              match flow direction

              collect routing source as

              collect routing destination as

              collect routing next-hop address ipv4

              collect transport tcp flags

              collect counter bytes

              collect counter packets

              collect timestamp sys-uptime first

              collect timestamp sys-uptime last


      # sh run | i flow

      feature netflow

      flow timeout 30

      flow timeout active 60

      flow timeout inactive 30

      flow exporter NetFlow-Orion

      flow exporter MK-PRTG

      sampler netflow-v9

      flow monitor flowmon-v9

        record netflow-original

        ip flow monitor flowmon-v9 input sampler netflow-v9


      Thank you