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    LEM problem with browsers



        I thought I bring this up to the community.  We just installed license version of LEM after having trialed it for about a week.  The first thing that jumped out at us is the product appears to have a major problem with IE, and intermittent problem with Chrome, and it seems to work correctly with Firefox.  Further to that the stand alone console application seems to behave like Chrome in that it will bring up the login page but won't complete a login.  It just sits there waiting for login  to complete after entering credentials.  When I called in a ticket on this the response I got from the support person is that they new about that but no further explanation or suggestions. In looking through this community for product info on this, I don't find anything.  Anybody have any ideas about this and if the vendor is looking into a fix.  Our company uses Chrome mostly and I don't really want to have to make our engineers install another browser.