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    Flexible netflow from L2 (unrouted) VLAN


      Is it possible to configure flexible netflow (Catalyst 6509, sup32) getting data from unrouted VLAN?


      (I bet there's a command line for that, but as usual, Cisco manuals are not explaining command the best possible way. As usual, if you know the command and read explanation after that, it seems very clear...)


      My configuration:

      flow record SETTINGS

      match datalink vlan input

      match ipv4 version

      match ipv4 tos

      match ipv4 protocol

      match ipv4 source address

      match ipv4 destination address

      match transport source-port

      match transport destination-port

      match interface input

      match flow direction

      collect interface output

      collect counter bytes

      collect counter packets



      flow exporter EXPORT1


      source Vlan1

      transport udp 9996

      template data timeout 60



      flow monitor MONITOR1

      record SETTINGS

      exporter EXPORT1

      cache timeout active 1