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    Migrating L4 SIM to virtual LEM


      I will be migrating an L4 SIM (6.2.0) to a virtual LEM under VMWare.  I had planned to have a single LEM and not a pair like the L4 SIM (Manager and Database).  The migration process would normally be to import the config from the SIM (Manager) into the LEM, but will there be anything in that config that would want to point to a separate Database appliance and therefore cause a problem with having just the single LEM appliance?   

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          nicole pauls

          Yeah, when you import the config it's going to try to talk to the database server IP remotely. Best bet is to open a support case and make sure everything migrates cleanly.  It's the best way to go (L4 => single) but it's good to have a little oversight on the extra steps that might require lower level access.