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    Editing a report to show down nodes



      I have an existing daily report which seems to show node status as up, I want to edit this report to show only down nodes, but I am unsure of what the value should be.  Here is the current query:


      SELECT N.Caption as NodeName,  N.CustomProperties.Environment as Environment, N.CustomProperties.Service as Service,N.CustomProperties.subrole as SubRole, N.StatusDescription as StatusDescription, N.DetailsURL, N.Icon

      FROM Orion.Nodes N

      WHERE (

      (N.CustomProperties.Environment IS NULL) or

      (N.CustomProperties.Environment Like 'Infrastructure') or

      (N.CustomProperties.Environment Like 'Shared Services') or

      (N.CustomProperties.Environment Like 'Bermuda') or

      (N.CustomProperties.Environment Like 'Production')

      ) and


      ((ChildStatus = 2) or (childstatus = 14)  ) or

      (status = 2)



      I am assuming the childstatus value or status value need to be changed, but I can seem to find anything on it.