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    LDAP Client Authentication in REST APIs


      Greetings Team Thwack



      I am developing an App in Jive where we need to fetch & post tickets in Web Help Desk using REST APIs. Jive will be frontend and Web Help Desk will be used as backend, and communcation between two is established using REST APIs, documentaion for which is available at:

      Web Help Desk REST API Guide

      Both Jive instance and Web Help Desk instances are using LDAP directories for authentication the users.



      I have an scenario where Client logins to the Jive instance. After successful login, he may open my Custom Developed App that shows Dashboard for fetching & creating web help desk tickets using REST APIs. (Attachments - Create-Help-Request.png & View-Client-Tickets.png). As user have logged in to Jive instance using LDAP authentication, I don't have client password to authenticate Web Help Desk instance to get Session for the user.  I have only username, email for the user that may be used to fetch Web Help Desk Session for the client using follwoing REST API:

      Scenario 1: https://whd.mulkeyinc.com/helpdesk/WebObjects/Helpdesk.woa/ra/clientInterface/Session


      Similarly I would also like to fetch tickets for the client using:

      Scenario 2: https://whd.mulkeyinc.com/helpdesk/WebObjects/Helpdesk.woa/ra/clientInterface/Tickets



      I have client email(login attribute) and Web Help Desk Application API Key that may be used in calling REST APIs for Web Help Desk.


      How can i achieve above two scenarios without having client password with me? How can I authenticate to get Session or Tickets from Client interface without using password?


      Please help. I need urgent support on this


      Thanks in advance,