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    ResponseTime_Detail not matching Nodes


      I'm seeing an issue where the values which are appearing in the 'Nodes' table are not matching what is stored in the 'ResponseTime_Detail' table.


      Looking at a single node in the 'Nodes' table for the last 30 minutes I've been seeing the 'PercentLoss' field fluctuate in value between 10 and 30 but never be zero.  I kept running the query below after each 'NextPoll' time and recording the value:

      SELECT nodeid








        FROM [NetPerfMon].[dbo].[Nodes]

        where nodeid = 1234


      When I compare this to the ResponseTime_Detail table for the same node over the same time range using the query below:

      SELECT TOP 1000 [NodeID]








        FROM [NetPerfMon].[dbo].[ResponseTime_Detail]

        where nodeid = 1234

        and datetime between '2015-11-17 11:00' and '2015-11-17 11:30'


      I see the PercentLoss value as 0 over the entire range except for a couple of entries which show 100. 


      It is almost as if I'm looking at two different nodes.  Has anyone else seen this before or know why it might be happening?

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          To document this better I began accumulating snapshots of the Nodes table into a database.  Below is a comparison of what the Nodes table was showing at each timestamp compared to a query against the ResponseTime_Detail table for the same time range.  As you can see there is a period where the Nodes table was reporting packet loss but those same entries are showing 0 packet loss in the ResponseTime_Detail.

          SW Mismatch.png