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    Upgrade Windows server 2008 Enterprise and SolarWinds




      Currently I have NMP 11.5 and SAM 6.2 installed on Windows server 2008 Standard edition with 4GB of memory. It runs fine but constantly running at 90% of memory usage.

      Windows server 2008 Standard can only access to 4GB of memory. I want to upgrade to Windows Server 2008 Enterprise so both NMP and SAM can benefit the 8GB and at least one more SolarWinds application to install.


      I already did my research and Windows in-place upgrade can be done. Windows server 2008 Enterprise can access to 8GB of memory even though it's an 32-bit OS. This is a temporarily solution until I get a new Windows 2012 R2 (May be a Virtual Machine) with even more memory to run more SolarWinds apps.


      Does upgrading Windows Server have any affect on NMP and SAM currently running? As I know both Windows 2008 Standard and Enterprise are 32-bit OS, Enterprise version has more features including enable to access more memory. I'm only interested in more memory (Physical server is capable to have 8GB of memory).


      My plan is to back up the database, shutdown NMP and SAM (stop the services), upgrade Windows Server, after a success upgrade then restart NMP and SAM services.


      Any comments and/or suggestions?


      Thank you,