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    Network Atlas - Custom images do not show up


      I cannot load custom images into the Network Atlas. I followed the steps below but they don't show up. All images are named with .gif on the end.

      2015-11-18 12_33_06-Orion Network Atlas.jpg

      2015-11-18 12_33_31-Transparent GIF using GIMP - Internet Explorer.jpg





      Adding Custom Icons from Graphics Files

      You can use any Windows Media File (.wmf) or Graphics Interchange Format (.gif) format graphic as a custom icon, but you must name the graphic files according to their roles. The file name must not contain any other dash characters other than depicted in this table.


      File name

      Critical status


      Down status


      External status


      Icon with no status


      Unknown status


      Unmanaged status


      Unplugged status


      Unreachable status


      Up status


      Warning status


      To add custom icons from graphics files:

      1. On your Orion NPM server, create the folder: %APPDATA%\SolarWinds\NetworkAtlas\Maps\Orion\<orion server address>\NetObjects\User Graphics.

      Note: %APPDATA% is typically C:\Documents and Settings\<logged on user>\Application Data for both Windows XP and Windows Server 2003, and C:\Users\<logged on user>\AppData\Roaming for Windows Server 2008.

      2. Copy the graphics files to this folder.

      3. Start Orion Network Atlas on the Orion server to finalize the additional icons.

      After copying the graphics files to their location, you can assign them as an icon as you would any other graphic image.

      To assign a custom icon to an object:

      1. Right-click the object on the map, and then click Select Graphic.

      2. Select User Graphics in the left pane.

      3. Select your desired graphic image, and then click OK.