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    Installation of MS SQL 2014 Standard


      I've been tasked with installing SolarWinds (NPM, IPAM, SAM, and STM). We will be using a physical server for the database, and a VM for the applications. My SQL knowledge is very limited.


      Per the SQL Server Configuration Best Practices document, I am wanting to install Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Standard using the "recommended data storage setting with three HDDs".


      This configuration uses C: for OS and SQL temp directory, D: for Orion data files (such as .MDF), and E: for Orion transaction logs (.LDF).


      However, I am unable determine where these drives are configured during the SQL Server installation process so that the three SQL pieces listed above are located accordingly.


      Per tech support, no document exists (not even for a plain-jane SQL installation) for this so I was advised to post my request on Thwack.


      I did search for sql install and sql configure on Thwack before posting but found nothing that addresses my need.