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    Report to include Serial Number and Mac Address


      Currently, I can run a report from the Configuration Manager that includes the serial numbers of my devices. From Report Writer, I can generate a report that includes MAC addresses. I cannot, however, seem to generate a report in either that includes both the serial numbers and the MAC addresses even with modification to the reports. I cannot find an option to select the serial number from the report writer and I cannot find an option to select the MAC address from the Configuration Manager Report generator


      Does anyone know if I am just missing something or if there is a way to do this??? We record System Name, IP Address, Serial Number, and MAC Addresses in a excel spreadsheet. I would like to have Orion generate this report so I know it is up-to-date instead of having to manually review and update...I'm just learning SQL so I'm not good enough yet to write my own report...



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          Taking a stab at this.

          I'm assuming it's because a MAC Address wouldn't directly be recorded to the node as much as it would to the interface.

          Stick this in a Orion Report Writer Advanced SQL report and see if you can get closer to matching up what you want.


          SELECT N.NodeCaption AS "System Name"

          , N.AgentIP AS "IP Address"

          ,I.Caption AS "Interface Caption"

          , N.SerialNumber AS "Serial Number"

          , I.PhysicalAddress AS "MAC Address"

          FROM dbo.NCM_Nodes as N

          join dbo.interfaces I on N.CoreNodeID=I.NodeID

          WHERE N.SerialNumber IS NOT NULL

          Order by N.NodeCaption