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    Sharepoint/WHD integration?


      First let me lay out what I'm wanting to do:


      Our HR process is kind of a mess and I have been tasked with streamlining. What we currently have is a network access form that managers access through Sharepoint that sends a copy of itself to an AD group upon completion. The problem with this is it doesn't get to the right people and things don't get done, both on new hires and terminations.


      I want to have WHD create a series of tickets off a parent that goes to specific departments/people based on what was chosen on the NAF (IE, certain access to certain apps goes to certain people and not everyone gets them). Is there a way to make Sharepoint fire off something to WHD to make this a little more automatic? Or is there something I can replace that form with, so everything is done all in one place?


      If I need to clarify things further just ask and I'll be glad to do so.