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    NPM individual overrides not taking effect


      Hi I'm new to thwack, npm and solarwinds products in general.


      We've got basic monitoring setup for the devices and ports we want to monitor for uptime, utilization, etc, but I have several devices which have higher than average response times and am getting tired of the email alerts I keep getting that they are "exceptionally high" when they are historically normal for the devices.


      One is a small remote Juniper SSG 5 netscreen firewall which is behind a T1 circuit that has been just shy of flakey from day one. It constantly has response times from ~250ms to ~1275ms and we've never been able to nail down where the problem is so we've just lived with it for 15 years.


      Another is on site where NPM is running with our monitor/threat prevention appliance which is watching all traffic for all vlans and running threat assessment against everything. Its external switches interfaces shows response times are usually from ~500-1750ms. Not what we'd like to see but the vendor tells us it has no impact on actual performance of the unit. We're more interested on getting notifications of failures rather than response times because it is configured for fail-open so if it fails it's not the end of our world but we do need to see a notification.



      I've selected the 'Override Orion General Thresholds' and set the Warning & Critical values to what I want, but it continues to blast me with emails for these nodes. Is there somewhere I have to check to even allow overrides or something?