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    Need help creating Availability Dashboard in SolarWinds trying to get away from previous custom PHP dashboard.


      So I am new to my current job and I have been given the wonderful task of trying to make heads or tails of someone (no longer with the company) elses custom PHP code.   I do not have any experience with PHP, and I believe we should move away from the custom code and use Solarwinds for this project.   Basically I am reaching out to the thwack community for any support/ideas that will be useful in getting executive leadership to get on board with Using Solarwinds NPM for this dashboard and the data driving the dashboard....Currently as I understand it, the data that populates the dashbpoard for the VP's is not even pulled from Solarwinds its being pulled from ServiceNow which I believe to be inconsitant and even down right incorrect.   Please any help would be fantastic.

      I will post an idea of what I want to create in solarwinds and hopefully get some idea if I should scrap the idea or not.

      Thanks in advance..

      MY first post so forgive me for the complete BARNY style - Also needed to scratch out some items that are company specific so....Dashboard.pngavaildashboard2.png