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    OpenVPN syslog support


      I've got an OpenVPN server sending its syslog to my LEM. Data is being received, but the Event Info is being reported as "Unmatched F5 BigIP messages Data ($RevisionL #47 $)". I'd like to be able to see what accounts are actually trying to log in to my VPN. Is it possible to get that working?

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          Adam Stephen

          Have you looked to see if an OpenVPN connector is available at the Appliance Level?  If not I would look to see what data is showing up by creating a filter in Monitor to look to the event group (Any Event) and then filter on ToolAlias (Unmatched F5 BigIP messages Data).  Then look in the event fields.  If no connector exists open a ticket with Solar winds support to get the connector created.  Let me know if you have questions.  Once you have the filter collecting data you know will server you purpose you can create ndepth reports and rules against the events you prefer to see.



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