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    Missing OID for CpqDaPhyDrvStatus: HP ProLiant DL380G5 w/Server 2008R2


      Hello all,


      We currently have a number of HP ProLiant DL380G5 servers running Server 2008R2 and 2012R2.

      I have installed the HP Insight Management Agent on these servers and can only currently monitor the poller cpqDaPhyDrvStatus ( on those running 2012R2. All of our servers running 2008R2 show that the "OID is not supported" and after running a SNMP Walk on the servers running 2008R2 most entries past are missing.


      Does anyone have any idea why these OIDs are not showing on the 2008R2 servers? Perhaps I need to ask this question to HP support but thought I'd try here first


      Thanks in advance!