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    How to create utilization report that spans midnight hour?


      I have been trying to create reports in report writer so that I can see circuit utilization percentages over the course of a business day (12 hour time frame). My Solarwinds servers are located in the Mountain time zone in Denver CO.


      I have been able to generate this type of report for both North American and European sites because the hours of operation fall within a single days 24 hour period, and I simply create filters with two elementary conditions for "hour of day greater than 6" and "hour of day less than 18". My Asian sites business hours on the other hand are roughly 6pm - 6am and span over the midnight hour. I've tried adding similar filters with elementary conditions as done with my North American and European time based reports but I get nothing back with the results. I've also tried to create additional elementary conditions for 6pm to midnight along with midnight to 6am but it seems that you cannot apply 2 different conditions like this to acquire the data.


      Any ideas or suggestions would be helpful and most appreciated.