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    Execute External Program Action Doesn't Work


      This is driving me up the wall. I simply want to execute a command in an alert action to send an IISRESET to a remote computer. I've been over the forums, I've tried many different things. Nothing works. I've tried using the following commands;


      C:\windows\system32\windowspowershell\v1.0\powershell.exe invoke-command -computer ${N=SwisEntity;M=Application.Node.SysName} -command { iisreset }


      C:\Windows\System32\iisreset.exe ${N=SwisEntity;M=Application.Node.SysName} /RESTART


      Both execute flawlessly if I run them from the Orion server as myself, but they don't if used in an alert action. Furthermore, if I define a valid user for the alert action the test ALWAYS fails and testing the alert results in the error; Execute program failed with exit code 3221225794. This happens no matter what account is defined.


      I've tried using a domain admin account and a local admin account.

      I've tried setting the Alert Engine service to a domain admin account.


      This really shouldn't be this painful or frustrating to do. Seems this functionality has some flaws. If I'm missing something, please clue me in.