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    How to change the Add Node default SNMP Community String value


      I'm just going to throw this info out here because I couldn't find it while searching. I know this has been covered before, because I had done it once a couple years ago.

      We don't use "public" as our community string for SNMP, so it's just one of those things you finally get annoyed with enough to go poking around.

      For my visual aid today, this is what I got tired of clicking on:



      I sometimes can't recall what i did a couple minutes ago; so remembering exactly something I did one time a couple years ago was pretty much not happening. I decided to start looking at the Orion web files because that was about as specific as my memory could serve; and even then not entirely confident.


      A couple of folders later and using Windows cmd "findstr public *" I located my treasure.

      This file:


      This line:

      <asp:TextBox OnTextChanged="SNMPSettingsChanged" ID="tbCommunityString" runat="server" Text="public" CssClass="CommunityStringTextBox disposable" AutoPostBack="True"></asp:TextBox>