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    Some question for Patch Manager



      i will be very appreciate when someone reply to this post.

      have a 3 questions need to solve.


      1. when upgrade newer version to exist Solarwinds Patch Manager PM250, server need to reboot or not?


      2. MS or none MS , when install specific application, some special settings need?


      3. When version update while using Patch manager, can administrator force update to all registered servers?

      or just send a warning message to all registered servers


      Best Regards.

      David, Shin.

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          When you are upgrading to a newer version of patch manager you can just stop and restart the emintwaredatagrid service or restart the server.


          Im not sure what you mean by special settings.  It sits on top of WSUS so whatever settings you have for updates thats how they will go out.


          You can create target groups and approve the updates to any or all of them.  If you mean will it download the updates and give the user a shield icon to manually start the update process then that depends on what policy you have set for the target group and GPO