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    Exporting historical Netflow data to Excel - Is it possible?


      I'm trying to export some historical Netflow traffic data in a way that will allow me to put it into Excel so I can graph it against some other, non-Orion data. Specifically, I'm trying to graph all traffic (preferably in bps) that went out a netflow-enabled interface over a specific TCP port over the last 24 hours.


      For instance, if I wanted to get data on ALL traffic traversing an interface over time, I can go to the interface detail page and open the "average bps" interface chart, which brings me to a page like this:




      Which allows me to export that data to Excel, in 5 or 10 minute intervals. I can then easily paste that into an excel graph and compare it against my "number of connections over time" data.


      I would really like to be able to do something like this for data that's sourced from Netflow graphs. Here is the graph I'm trying to get into Excel format:




      I've tried a number of ways of graphing this using the Web Reporting features, but so far nothing I've tried has given me the option to export my data to an Excel format. Is this possible, or am I out of luck?