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    com.webobjects.eocontrol.EOKeyValueQualifier  TechGroup


      Hi All,


      Im trying to get the tickets that are assigned to a certain tech group by the techgroup name


      I have tried multiple different options but can not get this to work.


      (sqlStringForKeyValueQualifier: attempt to generate SQL for com.webobjects.eocontrol.EOKeyValueQualifier (techGroupLevel.levelName like 'Group') failed because attribute identified by key 'techGroupLevel.levelName' was not reachable from from entity 'JobTicket'.


      Also is there a way to count all tickets (open, closed, etc) without a 100 limit...


      Hope you can help me!

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          Not sure how you are trying to do the first query (this should be easily achieved with the normal advanced ticket search?) so more info would be helpful!


          RE the number of search results there are two settings in Setup> General> Options, one which control the max number of returned results in a search & another controlling the max number of results displayed on a page which should help. If you do a search & then export out the results without ticking / checking any of the results it will export all the results; if you check the box at the top of the page of results it will only export that page of results.


          If you are just after the figures it might be easiest to save your search as a query & then create a dashboard widget which uses that query.