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    Refresh of Content on NOC view


      I've setup a NOC view with 3 tabs which rotate every 15 seconds. The global refresh is set to 1 minute. It doesnt appear to update any of the values on the screen. Is there a setting i am missing to get the page to auto-refresh?

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          Is it possible the view isn't refreshing because your NPM is not polling that frequently, or not collecting the statistics often enough?  I seem to recall the NPM statistic collection default interval is 10 minutes.  And I believe the default polling interval is not as often as one minute.


          If you've not adjusted those two items for each polled interface, it could explain why your views aren't updating.


          I created an equivalent view of seven or eight interfaces' bandwidth utilization on a dedicated monitor using the Engineer's Toolset Bandwidth Gauges set to display historical graphs.  It's not shareable, but it's fast to update.  And it shows a much more granular and non-averaged view of those interfaces' utilization.  It's actually a little shocking to see the difference between what's reported via an NPM interface graph every minute or five or ten, versus what a Toolset Bandwidth Gauge shows when refreshing every nine seconds.