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    Error and timeout Issues - Community Input


      Good afternoon everyone, I do have an open case with SolarWinds for this issue, however, I wanted to get feedback from the community in what to look for in correcting the issue.


      1. We get an error "Unable to obtain lock for Ticket ###".

      2. Those who get this error get dropped from the tech interface and are forced to re-login every 10 minutes.


      I have submitted the logs up to support but don't anticipate a resolution any time soon. Management is concerned about this given we just went Live and most techs impacted are the managers. I suspect the issue to be with the Dashboard and/or query mechanism since I can replicate the issue by clicking on the links within the widgets, bringing me over to the Search Results of said tickets, this produces the error and drops my session. Unfortunately, it persists after I re-login and don't execute the same dashboard widget click.




      I should note that I increased the JVM, database connections, and VM RAM.

      JVM from 4GB to 12GB.

      Database Connections from 25 to 125.

      VM RAM from 8GB to 16GB.


      Total Techs: 85, avg 40 logins


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