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    Quality of Experience sensor deployment question


      Hi all, I'm looking to get QoE up & running across various servers within our estate & wanted to see where I could get more granular details around what actually is deployed to the server when you add the sensors? I've checked the forum & reviewed the docs, but all I tend to see is that a 'packet analysis sensor' is added to the server / network device...


      We work to tightly managed change control processes & I need to ensure that all the relevant bods are comfortable with this as I'll no doubt get asked the following;

      - what is this?

      - what does it do?

      - will it impact other things on the server?

      - will the server need rebooting after deployment?

      & no doubt others...


      ETA - I'm sure I have answers to these 'on tap' but some clarification from the Thwack community would be very helpful though


      Thanks all,