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    Virtual node being picked up as phyiscal hardware


      Hi all


      thanks in advance for any help. i have a few virtual machines (running on M$ Hyper V) that are not being classified correctly in Orion. they are being picked up as having physical hardware. i found a post dated back in 2008 that mentioned that the NIC needed to be monitored. i have checked some of the machines that are being classified correctly, some of them have got NICs being monitored and some dont. with regards to the VMs showing as being physical machines, ive tried changing the polling method to no avail, and also removing them from the database completely. but Orion still picks them up as physical hardware when i re-add the machine.


      am i missing something incredibly stupid - i know i could add a custom field, but that detracts away from Orions built in ability to work out what host the VM resides on. i know that the machine is a VM, and have verified that the OS believes it is to using msinfo32 and powershell.


      any help or advice gladly received