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    DPA Integration with Orion


      Morning all,


      I have recently migrated our DPA installation from an old dying server to a new one, then carried out the upgrade.  So far so good.  Licenses are applied and DPA is running fine.


      I can access DPA from the local server with no problems.

      I have ran the integration wizard so that "Databases" appear in the web console. 


      If I click on Databases tab from the local server (accessed via full URL not LocalHost) and then click licenses it takes me to the DPA License page and all works fine.

      The issue is, when I do this remotely (As our DBA's will be doing) this doesn't work.

      I have tried using IP address, DNS alias and what was used from the server all to no avail. I just get "page cannot be displayed" which makes no sense.


      So I have tried -






      None of these work remotely but work fine locally.


      I presume this is IIS related....


      Anyone got any bright ideas that would help me solve this please?