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    Windows Connectors - List of Normalised Events


      Is there a list of which events are normalised by the following LEM Connectors and which are discarded and not passed to LEM?


      Windows Application Log

      Windows System Log

      Windows 7/2008/Vista Security Log


      I can setup a filter in LEM based on the Tool Alias to find out which events are being passed through from the Agents but it would be far easier to have the full list to hand to see at a glance which events are filtered on the Agent side by the above Connectors and which are normalised and passed through to LEM.  (e.g. Citrix XenApp 6.5 logs many events to both Windows Application Log and Windows System Log and it would be useful to see at a glance which event IDs are being picked up and normalised by the Agent Connectors and which events are being filtered/discarded and not passed to LEM.)